Chunky Sets Wholesale

Minimum order is 10 sets.


1 x Chunky £6.50

2 x Chunky £11.00

3 x Chunky £13.50

4 x Chunky £15.50

5 x Chunky £17.00


How to order:


1. Select the range of the quantity of sets you require,

2. Select the number of chunkies you want per set,

2. In the quantity box type in the number you require,

3. In the text box please put which shapes you require (these can be a mix of the pictured above)


For example if you wanted 10  sets of 3 chunky crayons

You would select 10, 3 Chunkies then in quantity 10. 
Example of writing: 

 3 x Set made up of Llama, Dinosaur, Unicorn.

3 x Set made up of Lion, Hippo, Rhino

4 x Set made up of Shark, Fish, Polar Bear and Seal.


Please see products on the Boxed page for descriptions.


Chunky Sets Wholesale

PriceFrom £3.57
  • Ingredients in the crayons are as follows:

    Soy Wax, Carnauba Wax, Cocoa Butter. 

    Coloured using non-toxic coloured Earth pigments.